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I'm stephanie. not going to tell you how short my fingers are. neh. writing this is because...idk. saja-saja. i like eat french fries. if potato is going to extinct from earth it might better get me extinct also. oh yeah. i have a dog named blackie aka ah hak. he's a longkang dog. this whole template thing is driving me crazy. i hate complicated stuff. :C blog, you better served me right. okays ciao~ :D have a nice day.




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Wednesday, 27 July 2011 @ 11:31
awww it's week *counting* NINE now! hahaha time really flies. okays some updates! JUST HAD DURIANS JUST NOW. happyyyyy. yeah. at 3 am. hohohoho buay tahan. and i just straighten and redye my hair few days ago. i HOPE that my hair can survive the end of the year. is feeling very bad when i comb my hair cuz they are like some crinkled piece of shit. but looks fairly good after it dries. so, my hair is an antic now, cannot simply touch. because once broken considered sold. tapao :S hahahahaha IF you know what im trying to say. eh, what else. i overslept today didnt go for the first class. :P cuz sleep very late everyday. heck stupid why must procrastinate and sleep so late -.- and yeah! skin condition getting worse, getting darker. bla bla. updated songs in iPod. old songs all gone new songs get in. in fact, i lupa save the songs i had earlier and it was replaced. seriously, i think i love my old playlist more. hmm. but its okay cuz ONE frigging catch my heart song is enough for me to listen all day long. know i have this habit? i can repeat one same song for 6479395845874508890 times. i'm pretty loyal dont you think" *winks*

life now is acceptably good, i THINK i have spent my time pretty enjoyable here. PEACE. <3 seriously, i have never found myself so 'in-shape' since after sec school. you know, boundary, in this little town. life outside is too insecured sometimes. i would like to live in a cage for a little while more (: my friends i met over here is pretty nice. hmm, too early to really understand them. but sometimes, they are simply nice. though, there is still an imaginary bridge between me and them. youknowcommunicationproblemenglishandmychinesesucks. hahahaha. but still, yeah. life is simple. fight has never happened. no quarrels no nothing. backstabing idk lar cuz i dunno whether did anyone of them backstabbed me? and i dont even bother to know. HAH. my toleration is pretty damn high sometimes. everything is okay. but I DO COMPLAIN, too. but, very seldom. :P

school wise, this semester i have 4 days classes. but i only go for 3 days. cuz thursday there's only 1 class so i went to the same subject lecture on wednesday. so, wed is the hell day. IF i go to school form 11am to 8 pm. 5 classes! somemore is those cannot-sleep-class. but i skipped too lar sometimes hehehehe. and oh, my accounting subject is getting more kanchiong. hasn't been attending lecture for about 3 times and the topics are about SHARES and DEBENTURES THAT KINDA STUFF I HATE. sigh. gonna consult people liau. how i wish my boyfriend is a smart ass then i can concentrate at him and the things he teaches me at the same time IF ONLY there's any. none, at all. whoops. previous weeks was busy, with presentations and assignments and works and stuff. but now im free-er with exams and homeworks. damn i dont do homeworks. think i should manage my time even more properly in time to come. why people can do so many things in just so short time but i did so little in soooo long time. haish, unproductive. HELL i have no society and event to go with. YER must join if got chance. why no badminton club! kns -.-

done with schools. hmm. talk about boys in university? Nay. boyfriend NAY. friends YES. fun to play with. due to my 'girlish' type of nature, i like talking shits with boys than some girls. girls are too sensitive, sometimes. think too much. REALLY. how old are them huh? those pretend-to-be-emo girl to have attention. i love being a rough girl, in some ways. hahahhaha. WHERE IS THE really impressive, caring and sweet one? oh, i do 'kap' one or two of them in class cuz cute and SH in terms of face hehehe. NOT LENG ZAI. whadahell. but its okay, lengzai won't see me. :S and oh, i find sissy friends nice to be with :P

okays. time to sleep at 4.40am. pimples breaking out wtf. adeus! :DDDDD

I miss the old good times when you sent me long long possessive annoying but thoughtful, sweet and caring messages just to tell me to take care.

In short, i miss you, so fucking much <3
Money saving.

Sunday, 12 June 2011 @ 10:18
i think, i am quite a good money saver. at least for one day! flicks hair. yay. that sunday, after receiving a call from a friend and get to know that WATSONS is having super deal up to 60% for selected items for only ONE day. Without doubts, i quickly get my ass off to shower so that i can go rampas barangan murah dengan auntie-auntie sekalian. HAHAHA. reached, and what is on my mind was HADA LABO sth. erm moisturizing toner lah. uh cuz the original name of the product is like very long. hahaha. my awaited to-buy-list! cuz i knew it will have further discount when we were in watsons 2 weeks ago. so, its only RM 27 now!!! cheap or not. ori price is RM 41. saved RM 14! since this brand is very highly reviewed by quite a number of bloggers so i just give it a try. it was firstly introduced to me by YJ. she say v good woh. and she say singapore is like selling for fucking $ 30=RM 72.60. chisin. can buy and apply until you touch your face also got water come out. and i also grabbed home one RM6 Pantene shampoo. can buy two of them liau at normal price. heee. yea, i bought only one cuz the lazy salesgirl lazy wanna go take from the store room i assumed. -.- conclusion is, i felt like a have potential to be a qualified housewife. the surplus will masuk my own pocket to buy ice cream.

Hada Labo.
hopefully the magic works on my face. :DDD

and i continue in the groceries corner, bought 100 plus! 6 cans for RM 6.70 PLUS free one sarsi. hahahaha. okays i looked like a calculative auntie now i don't careeeee. i want to save money to 结婚. lolol. no lah. i just felt the sudden excitement of saved a little. moral of the story is, we need to stalk the price, compare and contrast and aware of the seasonal change in the market to be a qualified shopper. a WISE and kiasu one of course :P

i woke up early today. 11am. hehehe early for me ok. then went to saloon. wow, lots people yo. school reopening tmr got kids cut hair. -.-but waited not too long with my stomach fighting inside. sth has to be expelled le. yerrr. ok apparently the girl who i though IS a jie jie. kinda pretty, make-up ON, heels ON.

Girl: oh so how old are you?
(thinking should i answer 19. but mom could hear from beside so...

Me: er, twenty-one.

Girl: oh so you're same age as me....
when is your birthday then?

Me: march?

Girl: my birthday just passed. end of may! *while showing the key necklace on her neck*

Me: .... ( speechless. totally. )

why i am speechless? the 'jie jie' that i thought a 23 yr old lady, people dress nice nice and i sit folded legs on the chair with my house wear and flip-flop. -.-and i'm older than her kns wei. so....memalukan. and i thought like. i should have told you i am 18. hahahahaha. aih. lazy lah even wanna comb hair also lazy. takpe lah. not like you can recognize me. lolol.

and so i cut my hair and treatment. then she blew my hair inwards. aww if only i have the courage to cut it short altogether. before that i should learn how to take care of it. hahaha think i should doll up more. :DD still, there is no ugly girls in the world. i fancy timeless beauty yo.

before. macam tahi aje.
but i bu shi de my hair lar.

after. with fringe.
but at least i felt my hair is 'fixed' a little. :D

i wanna color my hair. orange? or black. hmm. that would be around september i think. so as to let my hair 'rest' for awhile more. i personally loved the brown color that i did on my hair one year back in feb last year. hairdresser claimed that it has two tones of brown, so there it was! it actually stayed for quite long i would say. one year plus. though it already turned gold. but. it is still color-ed. hahaha. thank my hair to be so absorbent towards color. and i actually DIY a darker brown last feb during cny. yeah it turned abit darker but sooner the it became gold-ish again. i'm boring with long hair. but......... *inside monologue*

sigh. it will be another tiring week ahead. i felt the rage of assignment group mates already. i'm holding a BBQ next monday. excited max on buying stuff and all. gonna make it work. despite the girls issue and guys, PLEASE BE A MAN. and i secretly hope....it will be a happy one. BBQCARSHAOBAO. sounded hamsap. i just want the chicken. my last BBQ session was.... 4 years back? awww i wanna be a little kid again. muka skipping around.


Friday, 10 June 2011 @ 09:54
I. for the first time, went to ALL the classes this week. from monday to thursday. 8am classes. like omfg. i felt proud of myself. i know lah. it is exactly what a student should do. but still....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. tired shit. wed class till 8pm. i was wondering if i can survive. but yeah. I WILL! and i personally think that some of my lecturers and tutors are pretty good. ( some only ok, some are shitty ) in terms of capability i mean. my macroecon lecturer and also my tutor, she doesn't even need to see the damn tutorial question paper and she can simply read it out and discuss them. detailed and contented. :D so geng right. but, she is a 'lou gu poh'. i think. i checked her finger no ring one. lolol. so, she has plenty of time dedicated to her job! hahahahahahaha. the only thing is, i have to copy answer before i attend her class luh. :/ cuz she will check. but i like her torturing us.

i went out at night. and back home quite late. tired and exhausted, and that explains why i barely online these days. but i still manage to stalk. *evil grins* have some bonding time with coursemates. to update some news. apparently that guy and that girl. attached, as quick as just blending a bubble tea. hah. exaggerate. but true. very fast. how to see if a couple have a real mutual feelings for each other or if a couple is together because one of them or both, being together just for the seek of being together? hmm. outsiders always judge. but still, love is between 2 person. it is not for anyone else to judge, right?

ahhh. brother is watching an octopus dvd now. sth like 'big big snake' or 'big big panda'. crazy. sooooooooooo fake can. but its okay. cuz his holiday is ending this sunday. he will be back to school. hahahahaha. i wanna go bathe and make milo with honeystars while enjoy my freshly downloaded 'fa ka jie'. omg i can't believe i hadn't watch any drama this week. have a nice week ahead!

Friday, 3 June 2011 @ 12:28
yayy i had my french fries just now. happy happy (: i did not order coke. tahan-ed. so clever me right? cuz the calories of them together will be a bomb to my health. plus i already had a dinner earlier. curry chicken, siew yuk, tau fu fah, fried chicken, sausages and nyonya kueh. hahahaha YJ house did catering. damn why my stomach so big one. you know, stomach can be 'practiced' to be big. so now i want to make it small. nyek.

we talked about future, past and the present. it reflected myself as well. growing up stage. garhh. no matter how much i don't want to face. i still am, here, now, going through all the possible stages that we all already know we have to. we just have to. i am still hanging on.... i'm sure all of us too, right? but i'm sure we will find our way to survive. happily or not. well, i would say it depends on how we see things :D being an adult is no easy yo.

i have this bad, bad thing on me. lack of determination. being always a 'go with the flow' girl, i don't do a lot planning. and this explains why i'm stuck in the middle of nowhere sometimes. being helpless is harsh. i will have to pull myself together. support me? ;) and i promised myself i will not give up. on life. life is beautiful, isn't it? look further! :D

well, in the middle of it. there's always sweetness in the salt. GUESS what my brother bought for me in kl?
beanie angry bird!

kns wei. waste money. think what. you also not my boyfriend. :P hahahahaha though i secretly wanted it. can eat 7 bars of kitkat already loh you know. where am i going to chain this 'hand-sized' bird to? 大不大,小不小 like that. tsk. but still thank you le.

as a bubble tea lover, i felt extremely sad over the news of the 'pearl' in pearl tea can cause cancer. so sad can. i think i will still drink. maybe from 'sometimes' to 'once in a while'. *holding my chocolate oreo and running slowly and dramatically form this world* and from now on, i will try to eat less chicken=meat, more vege, less sugar and maybe from VERY salty to very salty. jika kau fikirkan kau boleh. AJA AJA.

Post Holidays.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011 @ 09:16
walaos. 2 weeks plus and my self-declared hols just ended with me, being in kampar now. my room. just finished my bathe. hair still wet wth. hahaha. i enjoyed my holidays. :D damn it left me horizontally 'boosted' and my face is like BULAT now. so sadddd. cannot must diet. i will skip my supper and please don't be over xx kg can? awwww. have to readjust my sleeping time. have been sleeping super 'early' thesedays. JETLAG wei. nah i just couldn't fall asleep before the sun rises in the morning even after countless time of goleking on the bed finding the most strategic position to sleep. here we go...

my holidays started off with my cousins came back from singapore in conjunction with the Vesak Day on Monday if i'm not wrong. so like....'nga choy kai' lohhhh somemore what. heeee. they never get tired of this foodie one dunno why. every time stacked up one loh those bowls. but yeah. super nice. i had it for 3 consecutive days. great. aiya doomsday coming leh, eat sajalah. i can finish half chicken of that steamed chicken. i like it SO much can. :DD happy happy. its a good starter of the holidays, somehow.
Jordan boy. Lucky boy. He made us all bankrupt in the monopoly game.
Tips for monopoly: Some brain and the rest is luck (:

also, met up with meisin for a little while with her mom. didn't talk any longer though. but glad she's all good. good times are short. sigh. besides, i indulge myself with The Vampire Diaries. Did i made it HOT enough to feel vampire-ish? hehehehe love the story line. this time i totally ignored all the kissing scenes i was like ' kiss faster can? so kan cheong'. its so exciting. but of course, with those irresistible cast. OMG loh the ELENA aka Nina Dobrev is soooooo pretty and she totally made everyone by just seeing her is all worth it. and not forgetting the seductive Ian Somerhalder. hahaha. somebody said his eyes can talk woh. really meh? but he made me go awwwwww in the series when he said 'i love you' to elena with so much pain and hurts. because he knew that it will NEVER be him, and it will always be someone else. and looking at him struggling with his inner self to be a good guy is so hard. sob. ok enough of the vampire thing. i shall watch my TVB 'fa ka jie'. funny wei.

Ian Somerhalder.
Really can talk meh his eyes? Hmm.

On the following week, met up with some old friends. had some good laugh. did some shopping. spend a little. little only ah. and makan kimchi soup. one of my favourite and the story behind it. *smirk* hehehe. why so expensive one. let's say it should be lucky for me to spend me 20 bucks to have it. if it is 5 bucks i think i'm gonna have it everyday and i'm going to grow cancer. MEGA touch wood! oh yeah! i actually did some aerobics in the club on the weekend after gym. tsk. those sitting on the mat stretching the legs and folding those kinda thing totally...not a graceful thing. erk. adult thing. hahahaha. maybe i'm STILL a teenager lah. cuz all of them are ladies except me. kena tarik by the instructor. :P then peace time! -----> swim. :D how can slim down the armmmmm? T.T going to the ending of the holiday week, BABY YJ is back! pei-ed her abit. hang out, makan, yumcha, movie. what else in ipoh we can do. hmm.

oh ya. i watched 'Pirates'. if you did, can tell me wth is wrong with the mubaligh? see see sebar agama then fall in love with the mermaid huh? i was like...crap lah. mubaligh also blinded by beauty. but the mermaid is really very beautiful lah. but i'm not mubaligh. HE IS, so he cannot. hahahahaha. jia jia saja. if you have not, please. don't watch 3D. NO. johnny depp doesn't appear to be more 3D-ish after you wear the spectacles. so don't. :)

okays. i wrote 'abit' liau babes. some random things i might have told some of you. you know. my life is kinda boring. ( playing secrets as the background music ) so sick lah tomorrow tutorial at 11am (can skip mah?) and class all the way until 8. but i'm happy to see my coursemates back. i think i'll be zombi-fied tmr. i want a human alarm clock can mah? :C gonna start working on studies and stuff abit (abit) more seriously now already. have been very slack. shall enjoy my schooling now. shall i join more events? hmm. i should. :D gtg sleep now yo! thanks for reading.


Thursday, 26 May 2011 @ 14:00

Did i get your attention yet? Oh yes. I'm so sorry i chose this way of saying hello. Can't help :P
Please meet my dog, Blackie.

P/s : Mind you. He is not forced to take pic with me. ;)